Volker Eubel

The early foundations of my riding skills had been laid by no one least than Fritz Templemann, Dr. Reiner Klimke, Willy Schultheis and Siegfried Peilicke. As a teenager I have won the German Dressage Championships for Junior Riders. During my student days I was one of the German participants at the Top Young Riders competition in England. Since 1991 I am the bearer of the Golden Riding Award (riding insignia).

Ever since I started my own dressage training stable, I have accompanied riders and horses of all classes in their dressage career. I also work as a judge up to Grand Prix level. Currently I am head coach of the Singaporean National Riding Team. I have developed their training schedules to prepare for the South-East-Asia as well as the Asian games. This included selection and placement of suitable horses.

More than a decade ago, I also started choaching and training parariders, which is very close to my heart. At the Paralympics in Athens in 2004 a pair trained by me won 2 Silver Medals. In 2008 my student Laurentia Tan from Singapore had been the first Asian rider ever to win 2 Bronze Medals at the Paralympics.

Inspite of all these achievements I have a never lost sight of the most important aspect of my work - the respectful treatment of horses..

Dressurstall Lerchenhof, Volker Eubel, Wahner Str. 102, 51143 Köln, Tel.: +49 (0)172 - 2570710, info@volker-eubel.de